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The winners of the 3rd Annual $29 Wedding Photography Contest

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of our 3rd Annual $29 Wedding Photography Contest!  This year, it seems as though the theme of the entries was about long distance relationships!  Nearly every one of our entrants has endured months if not years of long-distance dating leading up to their marriages and it was encouraging and exciting to read all of their stories.  This was a tough call for us as we worked through the process in the wee hours of last night! So without further ado, please welcome the winners, Mindy Sue and Justin!

Mindy Sue and Justin's wedding is in September and we are extremely excited to get to meet them in person soon!  Their story grabbed us from the beginning as they shared about long distance dating and misadventures in communication that nearly ended it all.  Mindy Sue described their wedding to be small, somewhat causal, comfortable, and focused on their faith which has brought them together.  We thought that sounded like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday evening in September!  Congratulations, you two!  We'll be in touch soon to start working out the details.  And many thanks to everyone else who entered.  We truly appreciate you sharing your stories with us!  We wish there was a way for us to photograph all of the weddings!!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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Joseph and Virginie's French Wedding: The Ceremony

We're excited to share some more of Joseph and Virginie's wedding with you!  We have so many images from their wedding in France to share that we decided to break them up into separate posts so that we can share even more images!  Be sure to check out the preparation photos if you missed those a few days ago.  Joseph and Virginie were married in the gorgeous St. Pierre Cathedral which was built in the 15th century in the little town of Montfort l'Amaury.  We're pretty sure you'll agree it was an amazing location for their wedding.  There were several moments throughout the ceremony where I had to pinch myself to make sure I was really standing in a medieval cathedral photographing such a beautiful wedding. We begin with an image that might look slightly familiar.  If you saw the previous photos, you saw another image from this series.  I wanted to share this one to further point out how rowdy and enthusiastic the onlookers were!  Check out the guy on the left with his hand in the air...and then look carefully to notice his gold and red wrestling mask!  Then just in front of him, there is another man with long hair wearing tights and a skirt!  I wish I would have had more time to photograph this crowd or at least figure out exactly what they were celebrating.  Either way, I'm glad they were there to create an amazing juxtaposition for this series!

All of the guests were taken from the castle to the church in these large buses.  Well, I guess when this town was built, they weren't expecting huge tour buses to make U-turns for some reason!  Hats off to the drivers for getting in and out.  Again, I love the juxtaposition!

Let me just tell you that the music in their wedding was gorgeous.  I was seriously fighting back the tears at one point when the choir sang "Amazing Grace" to the accompaniment of this string quartet!  Again, it was another pinch-me moment!

Did we mention how huge the cathedral is?  You really get an idea from these next two images!

Another pinch-me moment came just after the ceremony when I was standing amongst the guests waiting for Joseph and Virginie to exit.  Here we were on a gorgeous day standing on the steps of a cathedral in a little town in France while the church bells were ringing and everyone was celebrating!  I'll never forget this moment.

While I was down in the crowd capturing the images above, Sarah was in the back capturing these!

And we leave you with another of our favorite from the day!  Be sure to check back soon to see the portraits and the reception.  Have a great weekend everyone.



Joseph and Virginie's France Wedding: The preparations

We are so excited to be able to share a few more photos of Joseph and Virginie's wedding in France with you!  Instead of rolling out one huge post with all the photos, we thought we'd share a few at a time.  We had hoped to get this one posted a few days ago, but Mother Nature had other plans and threw a crazy storm our way that knocked out the electricity for a little more than entire day.  While we enjoyed the darkness and peace and quiet, it is a bit tough to edit photos with no electricity! At any rate, here we go with some of our favorites of the preparations for the wedding.  We were staying in the lovely Chateau de Villers Le Mahieu which provided a lovely spot with tons of natural light for all the hair and makeup.  As you can tell below, everyone was relaxed and enjoyed themselves with several sweet moments along the way.

We get started with Joseph.  I (Peter) am a huge fan of cuff links, and his were top notch!

And Virginie's dress was stunning - especially hanging in the window of a castle!

We love these next few moments shared between sisters!

If you are leaving a castle in a wedding dress, you really should leave in an entourage of nice cars!

The cathedral where they were married was directly next to a pub where a lively group was evidently celebrating another big occasion.  Once the buses of wedding guests arrived at the church, the party-goers turned their attention towards Virginie and her father and serenaded her with a boisterous rendition of "Here Comes the Bride!"  It made for quite a scene and this is quite honestly one of my favorite images of the wedding day!

Be sure to check back soon to see our favorite images of the ceremony.  We can't wait to share the rest!!



Sneak Peek of Joseph and Virginie's wedding in France

So this is way too difficult.  I cannot tell you how amazing Joseph and Virginie's wedding was last weekend!  We just got back from France 2 nights ago and I am having the hardest time choosing just a handful of images to share for a sneak peek.  So, here are a few of my favorites so far!  I finally had to cut myself off at about 30 images (I usually only share 3 or 4 for a sneak peek)!  I'm only posting a few here to give you a glimpse of the day.  If you'd like to see more, head on over to our facebook page!  I will surely be sharing more in the near future as well as some of our favorite images from our time in Paris and Amboise!  Enjoy! photographer in paris



Getting ready for France

We leave in a little over two weeks!  We are so excited!  Have I mentioned that this is the castle we're staying in for two nights with the wedding party and it's also where the reception will be for the wedding we're photographing?

And have I mentioned that this is the medieval cathedral where Joseph and Virgine are getting married?

So, can you see, even just a little bit why we're getting excited?!  Not to mention the four nights vacation in Paris leading up to the wedding weekend so that we can celebrate our ten-year anniversary in style!  Oh, it's going to be grand...stay tuned.



Sneak Peek of Jenny and Bill's Charlottesville wedding

We were honored to capture Jenny and Bill's wedding day on Sunday in the midst of all the crazy storms and rain.  They made the call to stick with the outdoor ceremony beside the pool and it paid off!  The overcast sky gave us gorgeous light during the ceremony.  Here is a quick sneak peek...more to come!