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Charlottesville Family Portrait Photographer: Shaena, Travis, and Elena

I met up this morning with Shaena, Travis, and their beautiful almost-six-month-old daughter Elena for the beginning of a busy portrait season.  I had met Travis and Shaena several months ago when they were taking the childbirth class that Sarah teaches and they also became her doula clients.   I always love photographing Sarah's clients because I get to hear them brag about how great my wife is!  Sarah really is the best at what she does.  Travis and Shaena are Sarah's second clients who have asked me to photograph their young family just before leaving Charlottesville!  Travis just finished law school at UVA and they are on their way to begin a new phase of their lives in Arizona.  While we're sad to see them go, I was so thankful to have a chance to create some images that will help them remember their time here in Charlottesville while Elena is so little.  Well, maybe I should say while Elena is young.  You will fall in love with the rolls on this girl! Here are a few of my favorite images from our morning together.  You can find more on our facebook page.  Enjoy!

Charlottesville Family Portraits-2

Charlottesville Family Portraits-5

Charlottesville Family Portraits-9

Charlottesville Family Portraits-19

Charlottesville Family Portraits-27

Charlottesville Family Portraits-30

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Charlottesville Engagement Portraits: Anna and Matt

One of the best parts about almost all of our 2010 clients is that we have a personal connection with each one of them.  We don't pay for advertising, so referrals are our lifeline and relationships are key to who we are!  That's why I was so excited when I received an email a few months ago from my friend Aaron saying that his sister was getting married in October and needed a photographer.  I've known Aaron since college, but I haven't seen him since he visited us in Los Angeles right after he rode his bike all the way down the coast from somewhere around San Fransisco! I hadn't met Aaron's sister, Anna, until this evening and let me tell you - Anna and Matt are the kind of people you want to be around!  I had such a great time with them this evening as I took them all over Charlottesville!  They are so easy to talk to and even though Anna claimed she was a little nervous about the photo shoot, I think you'll be able to see just how at ease she is with Matt.  They were truly the ideal clients because they trusted me from the beginning and were willing to try anything I suggested.  I'm so excited to share a few of my favorite images from this evening.  As always, you can see a few more on our facebook page (you don't need a facebook account to see them).  I can't wait until their October wedding (my personal favorite wedding month!).  Enjoy!

Anna Garland Engagement-04

Anna Garland Engagement-01

Anna Garland Engagement-10

Anna Garland Engagement-20

Anna Garland Engagement-25

Anna Garland Engagement-27

Anna Garland Engagement-29

Anna Garland Engagement-31

Anna Garland Engagement-32

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Bridal Portraits: Katie

Since Katie's wedding has now come and gone, I can finally post some of my favorites from her bridal portrait session from way back in April!  I've been dying to show these, but I have been waiting until after their wedding so as not to spoil the surprise of how stunning Katie looked as a bride!  I just love bridal sessions before a wedding for many reasons.  First of all, we really get to know the bride and even some of her family.  Katie brought her mom, her sister, and both of her grandmothers.  Knowing more of her family members helped me just jump right in and start shooting on Saturday.  I love showing up at the wedding and getting hugs from the proud grandmas!  Second, it gives the bride a chance to give getting ready a trial run...which can really come in handy.  It also gives us a chance to take our time creating the right looks for the bride without the rush of the wedding day.  At any rate, here are some of Katie's bridal portraits.  Enjoy! katie bridal-01

katie bridal-02

We always search our locations for the best lighting and usually it works out easily.  Then there are times that you have to make it work yourself!  In order to keep the crazy shaded pattern from the trees off of Katie's face, I had to employ a little help!  They had also just cut the grass here, but we came prepared with sheets!  We always work hard to protect that dress!

katie bridal-03

katie bridal-04

katie bridal-05

katie bridal-06

Being a guy, I probably don't get as excited about the bride's shoes as my female counterparts, but I can appreciate a cool pair of shoes when I see one!

katie bridal-07

katie bridal-08

katie bridal-09

katie bridal-10

katie bridal-11

katie bridal-12

katie bridal-14

katie bridal-15



portraits of friends

We got an email a few months ago from our friend Chris saying that he and his wife Laurie were coming to Charlottesville for the weekend to celebrate their 11th anniversary and Laurie's birthday.  Eleven years?  How is that possible?  We were at their wedding when we were in college!  I even spent the summer after my freshman year living in a double-wide trailer with Chris and several other people at Myrtle Beach.  It's hard to believe that we've known them for such a long time and it's even harder to believe that we live only an hour away from them now and we haven't seen each other since we moved back to Virginia (besides a quick Bodo's lunch with Chris last summer)!   This was a great chance to spend some time with them and make plans to get our kids together for a big day sometime soon. The good news is that Chris and Laurie are the kind of people who are easy to catch up with.  They came back to our house just a while ago and we sat around talking just like no time had passed, even though it's been years since we've had that kind of time together.  You have to love friends like that!  Chris and Laurie also have three kids - two older girls and a younger boy so we picked their brains quite a bit on how to handle life with that kind of household.  They are also very entrepreneurially-minded and have recently started their own businesses in Richmond as well.  We only had a little while to celebrate their anniversary with some portraits and below is a sneak peek.  Can't you tell that these two are fun to be around?  Can't wait to see you two again soon.












Charlottesville Family Portraits: Leah, Ryan, and Shiloh

Sarah met Leah and Ryan back in the fall when they contacted her about taking her childbirth class.  I don't brag enough about Sarah being the best childbirth teacher and doula in all of Charlottesville (not only according to me, but also several nurses at Martha Jefferson Hospital too!).  But...back to Leah and Ryan.  They ended up being in Sarah's first Charlottesville class and ended up hiring Sarah to be their doula for the birth of their beautiful daughter, Shiloh.  They found Sarah through her website, but it turns out that we had both been visiting the same church for a few weeks since we were both new to town.  It has been such a great joy to get to know this sweet family, but sadly this is their last week in Charlottesville.  Ryan was here for a one-year program at UVA and now they're headed up to New York where he'll be teaching at West Point.  I know that their family will go on to do great things and we wish them the best.  I'm grateful that I had a chance to document this stage of their lives! On a side note, I'm also sad that Leah and Ryan are leaving because I realized they have an amazing ability for location scouting!  They searched high and low for a location for their portrait session that screams "Virginia."  They found this small farm outside of town through a friend, visited the house this weekend, knocked on the door and kindly asked if we could take some portraits there!  The owner happily agreed and here are a few of my favorites from the results!  If they were sticking around, I might just have to hire them to find more great hidden treasures in the area.



















open house

This past Saturday, we had the pleasure of attending the open house for the new office of the midwives Sarah is seeing for the delivery of our baby boy due next month!  I came along with my camera to capture the events of the day for them to use on their website for and for marketing purposes.  It was a fun morning full of babies, meeting new people, donuts, and henna tattoos!  Sarah was excited to have her belly tattooed by Polly at Off Center Design (who also created the beautiful mural of the tree on the wall of the office).  Here are a few images from the day.





Below are Brynne and Deren, also known as the Mountain View Midwives.  I could tell how much they are loved by the community by the large turn-out they had for the open house!


You can see more images from the open house on our facebook page!



Hollymead Fire Station

I also had the opportunity to travel out to the new Hollymead Fire Station in Albemarle to photograph a few firefighters there. This was a fun crew and they sure do have a nice setup in their new station.  I know where I'm headed to watch the SuperBowl this year!  With Tate at the grill, the comfy recliners to watch the game in, and some of the nicest guys around, you can't go wrong (can you guess which one is Tate below?). We managed to sneak this portrait shoot in before breakfast as it was a brisk, early Saturday morning and the sun was high and bright.  I had hoped to keep a uniform look to these images as the Charlottesville City images, but I had to change it up just a bit.  I like how they came out, though, and since we had a smaller crew, I was able to try a few different things.  Guys, thanks so much for letting me come out to work with you!  Feel free to click on your images below and save the larger files for your own use.  I've also uploaded these onto our facebook page if you'd like to tag yourself.  Enjoy!

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