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Sara and Brandon's Photo Booth in Richmond, VA

I am so excited to share the photo booth images from Sara and Brandon's 10/10/10 wedding!  Sara, like with the rest of their wedding, paid attention to all the details and provided her own amazing props including handmade mustaches on sticks, a chalkboard, frames, hats, and weapons (note: no guests were harmed in the photographing of this photo booth)!  That's the great thing about a photo booth at a wedding reception.  We provide the setup and the amazing guests take care of the rest!  Now Sara and Brandon have a creative and hilarious documentation of their friends and family members having a blast at their wedding.  Love it! Wendy "manned" the photo booth that day and I'm not sure who had more fun, her or the guests!  As always, you can see A TON more photo booth images and tag you and your friends over at our facebook page.  Enjoy!

We'll start things off with a nice family photo.  Wouldn't this be a great Christmas card this year?

A photo booth is always much more successful when the bride and groom jump in!



Let the contest begin - Anna and Matt's Photo Booth

This is a first around here and we couldn't be more excited!  I just posted to our facebook page all of the images from the photo booth we set up at Anna and Matt's wedding!  Wendy did a phenomenal job getting everyone into this and she captured some priceless moments!  The best part of the photo booth is that these super-exciting images replace the boring and worn-out, posed table shots that used to make up a portion of the reception photos! We've been doing the photo booth for a long time now, but this is our first contest!  Here's how it works.  Head over to our facebook page and vote for your favorite photo booth image.  You can vote by either pressing "like" or leaving a comment.  The photo from the album with the most likes and comments on October 31 wins!  Happy Halloween!  And what does the winner get, you ask?  Everyone pictured in the winning photo will receive a print of the winning image as well as a surprise gift that will be better than our leftover Halloween candy.  So be sure to tag anyone you know in the photos so everyone can get in on the voting!  You don't have to have a facebook account to view all the images (although, what are you waiting for?), but you will need to "like" our page to vote!

Click here to start voting and enjoy a quick sneak peek at a few of our favorites!



Washington, DC Photo Booth: Jill and John

I must say that Jill and John's family and friends made this the most fun photo booth we've ever done!  Jill's dad found these great picture frames to use as props for the photo booth and they proved to be a great hit!  Here are a few of our favorites!

Bryson Photobooth-152

Bryson Photobooth-151

Bryson Photobooth-150

Bryson Photobooth-149

Bryson Photobooth-148

Bryson Photobooth-147

Bryson Photobooth-146

Bryson Photobooth-145

Bryson Photobooth-144

Bryson Photobooth-142

Bryson Photobooth-140

Bryson Photobooth-139

Bryson Photobooth-135Bryson Photobooth-131