Driving back home to Charlottesville yesterday from Sam and Tyson's wedding, I had one of those please-pinch-me-so-I-can-make-sure-that-just-happened kind of moments.  If you remember from my post a few weeks ago, I had the chance to drive out to Hawkwood Farm which is where they live and also where their wedding and reception was held.  Their engagement session quickly shot to the top of my Favorite Portrait Shoot List partly due to their amazing natural posing abilities and partly due to the gorgeous location.  I also mentioned in that post that the wedding would be epic!  Well, epic proved to be a perfect description of what the day held for us all. If you live around this area, you know that there was an 80% chance of rain for yesterday and The Weather Channel was right on the money!  It began pouring on our way to meet Sam at The Mayhurst Inn to photograph her while she was getting ready.  This story is much more interesting when you consider that the wedding ceremony and reception were scheduled to take place outside on the farm!  It continued to rain off and on throughout the afternoon, but thankfully Sam and Tyson were prepared.  With the help of many family and friends and the amazing logistical assistance of Easton Events, plan B was put into action!  Plan B required many people running around in the rain (thus the reason for Tyson's wet hair!).  And Plan B was so utterly incredible that I don't think the world would have been handle plan A.  The rain let up, save a few sprinkles, for the ceremony which was moved into the foyer of the ruins of the nearby 1850's era villa.  This provided such a fun, romantic, and intimate (not to mention dry) spot for the ceremony.  The bridal party and family gathered in the foyer under the amazing alter that Tyson built while the guests huddled under the cover of the stone and brick porch.  The lighting was perfect and the mood was incredible.  As the afternoon progressed, the rains came and went, but the sun finally came out for good and provided an amazing view of the surrounding farms and changing leaves.  It was truly an epic adventure that I will not soon forget!  Here are a few of our favorite images from the day.  If you'd like to see more pictures, go to our website, click on "sneak peek" and enter "Rementer" as the password.  As always, you can also head over to Facebook and tag yourself or a friend!  Enjoy!