We're hanging out right now in Richmond at Sarah's parents' house.  Tomorrow, we head up to the D.C. area for my best friend's wedding (isn't that a movie title or something?).  I can't wait.  Not only do I get to be by Dave's side as he gets married, but I get a weekend away with my wife (speaking of wives, did you hear mine is pregnant again?...more on that some other time)!  No kids this weekend.  Thanks Mom and Dad Phillips!    We're going to hit IKEA on the way up and enjoy the weekend of seeing old friends and making new ones.  We're meeting up with the couple who won the photography auction a few weeks ago on Saturday morning for breakfast too!  It should be great.  I have only been to one wedding in the past 5 years that I wasn't the photographer!  I can't wait to get a chance to be reminded what it's like to be one of the guys in a tux on the other side of the camera!  They've hired an awesome photographer out of DC too.  I love watching other photographers in action, so hopefully I'll pick up some new tricks!

When we get back, it's right back into work!  We've got two more weddings this month that should both be fantastic!  If  When the weather clears up, the wedding on the 24th will be amazing!  And I just met with our Halloween wedding couple (Meghan and John) last night to hammer out the final details.  Their wedding should be crazy fun - complete with roaming magician at the cocktail hour!  Come back soon to see all the good stuff!