I got an email from Charlene this summer asking if we were available to shoot her wedding in October.  Although we didn't know each other, she used to go to the same church as my family when I was a kid.  She had heard I was now a photographer, so she looked me up!  We didn't get a chance to meet before the wedding yesterday since she lives in Baltimore and we live in Charlottesville, but we talked on the phone several times and exchanged many an email.  Sarah and I never know quite what to expect when we show up to photograph a wedding for a couple who we have not yet met.  We usually get to know our couples as much as possible, but Mark and Charlene blew us away by their warm personalities, their fun spirits, and fantastic senses of humor!  What a great couple.  What a strong faith.  What a great wedding. Mark and Charlene are living proof that it is well worth it to wait for your soul mate.  We loved hearing throughout the day of how their story unfolded.  I am confident that their marriage will be fun, solid, and lively!  Now on to some pictures!  This is just a quick sneak peek from the day.  If you'd like to see a few more, or if you'd like to tag yourself or friends on Facebook, click here (you don't need a Facebook account to see the pictures).

Mark and Charlene chose to see each other before the wedding for a First Look which is always a great choice in my book.  It might seem non-traditional, but it provides such an incredible intimate moment before the rush of the day begins.  It also made the rest of the day so relaxed yesterday because we had already done 95% of the portraits before the wedding began!  Check out the love between these two as they enjoy some quiet moments together!


I loved the colors from their wedding, especially in these homemade paper boutonnieres!




Can you tell these guys like to have fun?


There were a ton of kids at the wedding so crayons and art supplies were required!


Everyone was having such a great time with the Photo Booth that we just had to jump in on the action.  Just please ignore my triple-chin turkey neck!  I'll dedicate an entire post soon to the Photo Booth shots from this reception.


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