Whew!  October is here!  We're shooting three weddings this month and I'm in my friend's wedding next weekend!  It's gonna be a great, but don't worry if you don't hear from us for a bit.  We've been loving this fall weather and the girls are enjoying the change of seasons. Evening walks have become the norm and our porch is full of sticks, leaves, nuts, and flowers that the girls have collected along the way! Instead of trying to blog the events of the past few weeks separately (which would mean I would probably never get it done), I've decided to give you a fly-through!  Below is some of the work we've done recently.  There's lots of cool stuff to share!

First up, Barbara and David's wedding!  I've just about finished up their pictures, so here are a few more from the day!

I love Sarah's shot of Barbara and her mom before the ceremony.  Would you say that Mom is proud?




Next up is the McCune family!  What a fun bunch.   John and Jennifer are so down-to-Earth and are so laid back...


...even while their energetic kids were practicing their jumps!  I love Lily's expression in this one (and I promise no children were seriously hurt during this portrait session)!


A super-huge thanks goes out to Rachel Zuhmensky, the photography teacher at Charlottesville High School, who invited me to come along on a field trip this morning with her black and white photography classes!  It was a beautiful day at Barbersville Winery where we wandered around with our cameras enjoying the amazing scenery.  Here are a few of my favorite shots.


Since the kids were shooting black and white film, I thought it was only fair of me to switch my digital camera black and white.  I hardly ever shoot in-camera b/w, but I think it turned out quite nicely.  I might have to do it more often.  I shoot in full manual about 85% of the time anyway, so I don't feel like I cheated too much using my digital camera!



And last but not least, I ended my day today on a gorgeous farm somewhere in Orange County (?).   I'm honestly not sure where I was technically since I'm still finding my way around this part of the state, but it was about 30 minutes East of here and it was amazing.  We're photographing Sam and Tyson's wedding on October 24th and I drove out to the farm where they live for their engagement session this evening.  We did the photo shoot on the site where the wedding will be and let me say, IT WILL BE AMAZING!  This farm is beautiful and there are some amazing ruins of a pre-Civil War house that make really cool locations for portraits.  Here are a few from my time with this lovely couple.  These two were so much fun to work with as well.

Here they are on the porch of the ruins.  Doesn't Sam look so cozy?




This one is inside the ruins of the old house.  Love this light!


This is possibly my favorite of the day.  I love this huge tree and there are tons of them all around.  I cannot wait until their wedding.  It's going to be epic!


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