Yesterday was quite eventful!  We packed up here in Charlottesville in the morning and headed to Sarah's parents' house outside of Richmond.  We were off to shoot Barbara and David's wedding that evening in Richmond and my in-laws were gracious enough to keep our kids while we were going to be out. Our afternoon visit with the family was going well until I stepped out on the porch to enjoy a slab of cake.  I sat down with everyone, but little did I know I sat beside a plant housing a yellow jackets' nest!  Within 2 minutes, one of those evil creatures stung me on the elbow!  The last time that happened, I swelled up like a balloon and spent the afternoon in the ER!

I immediately popped 2 Benadryl and the waiting game began.  Everyone kept their eyes on me, but thankfully I only had a few hives pop up here and there.  My face stayed pretty much the same - no huge clown nose and lips this time!  After an hour with no huge reaction we all assumed I was ok.  The only problem was that the Benadryl was kicking in and I was trying not to succumb to the lure of passing out on the couch since we were scheduled to be at the wedding in about 2 hours!

I pulled myself up and got dressed.  Sarah drove us to the wedding and we stopped for coffee along the way.  I downed my huge Americano and I started feeling a bit better.  We hopped out of the car at the wedding site a few minutes early and I tried to shake off the last bit of dizzy drowsiness!  By about 20 minutes into photographing the groomsmen, I was back to myself and ready to roll although my elbow was quite swollen and painful.

The wedding went smoothly, the ceremony was beautiful.  David and Barbara were a joy to work with.  And I must say that their reception was one of the funnest (yes, that is a word so leave me alone)  I have ever attended!  We are talking some serious dancing all night long!    Anyway, here is a sneak peek at some images from the night!  I wanted to get some online before they leave on their honeymoon tomorrow.  Congratulations you two!