Last night marked the end of the auction we were hosting to benefit The Unembraced.  When we started out with this idea, we really had no idea what to expect.  All we knew was that we hoped it would 1) raise some money for an amazing cause and 2) bless a couple with added meaning to their wedding day as they begin their marriage.  I really had no idea if anyone at all would even bid, but we felt it was worth a shot! To be honest, as time went on and we hadn't even gotten the slightest hint at a bid, I was beginning to think we were either going to have to extend or cancel the auction.  I started thinking that maybe it just wasn't the right timing.  But a few days ago, I got a nervous email from Jill who had just gotten engaged a week ago and her friend had sent her a link to our auction!  She was hesitant to jump into booking people for her wedding since they weren't sure about their budget, but they felt like this was something they'd like to try!  They threw their hat in the ring and the waiting was on until the end of the auction.

I had a good feeling about Jill and John from the first email I got from them.  In the end, I am actually so glad that they were the only ones to bid!  Their story is so great!  They met about 7 years ago when she arrived at his church as an intern youth counselor.  Their story involves all the classic details including John picking up her Geo Metro with some friends and leaving it on big mulch bags so she couldn't move it.  Their relationship has gone strong through 6 years that has included 5 job changes, 3 months being separated internationally, 2 appendectomies (I'm assuming one each?), a college degree, and much more!  They're so excited about getting married and I am so excited that we get to shoot their wedding!

The cool part for us is that they are getting married on New Year's Eve!  That means Sarah and I have an excuse to get all dressed up for a great party instead of the usual falling asleep at know you've done that before too.

At any rate, congratulations Jill and John!  We can't wait to meet you both in person.