Is your wedding going to make a difference?  Well, of course it will matter to you, your family, and your friends!  But what if your wedding could make a difference in the lives of orphans in Kenya? Sarah and I had such a great time with the $29 Wedding Contest a few weeks ago, we decided to go one step further.  We couldn't be any more excited about announcing our next chance to give back!

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="216" caption="The Unembraced"]The Unembraced[/caption]

Some of our great friends at Kairos, the church we were a part of when we lived in Los Angeles, have started an organization called The Unembraced.  Together with a group of churches in the Turkana region of Kenya, The Unembraced is dedicated to the mission of serving the 300 orphans of Ludwar, one of the poorest towns in Kenya.  They are in the process of buying land and repairing a multi-purpose building that will enable them to provide food, clothing, health care, and education to these children.

So what does wedding photography have to do with The Unembraced?

Sarah and I are starting an auction that will run for two weeks until midnight on

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="200" caption="The Unembraced "]The Unembraced [/caption]

September 2.  The winners of the auction will agree to hire us to photograph their wedding for the amount of the winning bid.  We will then donate 100% of what we make for that wedding to The Unembraced. What better way to have your wedding make a difference in the lives of children across the world?  The money you were planning to spend anyway will still provide great memories of your wedding and you also get to help those in need!  And we get to photograph the wedding of people who want to make a difference in the world.  As Michael Scott would say, it's a win-win-win situation!

The bidding will begin at $1600. Our typical wedding packages usually range between $2200-$2500.  If you would like to place a bid,  send me an email with the date and location of your wedding along with your bid.  I'll update our blog periodically to let you know where the bidding is.  The winner will be notified on September 3.  A 20% deposit will be required in order to secure the wedding date.

What the winning package will include:

-100% of what you pay will go to The Unembraced

-an engagement or bridal session and pre-wedding consultation

-up to 8 hours of coverage time by Peter and Sarah on the day of your wedding

-our photo booth setup at your reception (a guaranteed good time!)

-a DVD of all the images from your wedding with copyrights

-online proofing of all the images from your wedding for you, family, and friends

-no obligation to buy anything else

A few important details:

We'd really love to keep this within a 2 hour drive of Charlottesville, VA (Richmond, D.C, Lynchburg, etc) but if you really want to bid and are getting married further away, please send me an email and we'll see what we can work out!  We'd also prefer that your wedding be before August 2010 and we will require that you have a set date before we accept your bid.  But, if you have a different situation and really want to bid, please let me know.