Well, today marks the big milestone.  I am officially in my 30's now!  Don't worry, I'm not hitting any big moments of despair or anything...I'm holding up pretty well. I am so excited about this blog post.  Today, I'm announcing the winner of my $29 Wedding Photography Contest!  We got a whole lot of submissions (including some last-minute ones which were equally considered!...I'm a last minute type of guy myself).  Going into this contest, I thought that it was going to be difficult to choose a winner.  And we did get some very compelling stories.  I plan on writing each one of the entrants back very soon, but we received an entry yesterday that rose above the rest!  As soon as Sarah and I saw this entry, we knew we had a winner!

Congratulations to Sara and Doug of Sussex, VA on winning a $29 wedding photography package!

Sara had contacted me several months ago about possibly shooting their wedding next May.  We exchanged emails for a few days and then I didn't hear anything back from her.  It turns out, they were getting a little overwhelmed by the cost of putting on a wedding and unfortunately, professional photography had not cleared the budget cuts!

Sara continued reading my blog, however and discovered our contest.  They put their creative minds to work and came up with the great video below.  When Sarah and I watched it, we laughed out loud.  If I could draw, this is the exact kind of thing I would do.  It's like they could read my mind!  Scary thought, I know.

Sara and Doug are having a small wedding with friends and family in Sussex, VA on May 22, 2010.  We can't wait to get to know them and to meet the fam!  For now, enjoy their creativity!  Congratulations you two!

Sara and Doug's Winning Video from peter davis on Vimeo.

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