If you've been following our housing drama, there is an encouraging update!  We found a house! We're moving in at the beginning of August and we can't wait. If you haven't been following the drama, here it is in as few words as possible:

moved to Charlottesville.  house was falling apart.  moved stuff into storage.  staying with inlaws in Powhatan (outside of Richmond).  endless hours of searching for a new house.  found a house.

We've been so thankful for gracious family.  What would we do without them?  We never pictured spending the summer living with Sarah's parents, but it has been fun.  The kids have certainly enjoyed it!

Here's a picture of the front of our house from the realtor's website.  We'll post some more pictures once we get settled!  It's a really cool 1930's house with a great yard in an awesome downtown-ish location.  Don't worry, this one has been fixed up nicely and doesn't appear to have any leaks in the roof, mold in the ceiling, or windows falling apart.


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