So that dreaded 30 year birthday is just around the corner.  It sounds cliche, but it is hard to imagine 30 years.  That means I've been out of high school for 12 years.  I've been driving for 14 years, reading for 26, a dad for 5, married for 8, and a friend for 30. I was going through some pictures from our recent trip to Los Angeles and came across this picture.


This is Dave.  He and I have been friends since the day I was born.  Our moms were best friends before we were born and their friendship was passed on to us!  There were the endless GI Joe battles. Countless games of tennis, basketball,  and soccer.  Sneaking out to light fireworks all over the neighborhood (don't tell my dad).  Endless hours of me watching him play his new video games (sure he let me play, but I always sucked at video games so I would lose my turn in the first minute).

We roomed together in college, he was the best man in my wedding, we moved to LA around the same time, and our friendship continues even though I headed back to the East Coast with my family.  Life doesn't get much richer than having a lifelong friend like Dave.  Now he's getting married (well I guess he's  already married, but they're celebrating with a big wedding with everyone) in October and I'm honored to be in the wedding.  I also haven't been in a wedding since I became a wedding photographer, so it'll be fun to be on the other side of the camera!

Here's to you, Dave!  Can't wait to see you in the fall!

Oh, and here's one more picture.  This is a recreation of a picture we have of us in preschool.  If all my stuff wasn't scattered about with our recent move, I'd post that up here too!