I've known Nathan since our freshman year of college.  He's always been a true man's man.  Camping, hiking, and eating ranked among the top of concerns in Nathan's world when I met him.  Okay, I can't keep going on calling him Nathan.  It's Nate.  I was trying to sound all fancy while talking about his wedding, but he will always be Nate. At any rate, Nate was always a thoughtful and curious guy (his dad hit it on the nail with an amazing toast at the reception).  We always knew that it would take a very special girl to make Nate truly happy.

I heard murmurs of a girlfriend about a year ago.  All I knew of Courtney was that they met at Biola University and that they looked happy in their pictures on Facebook.  Then came word of engagement!  Nate was getting married!  He must have found that special girl.

And no doubt that Courtney is that perfect girl for Nate.  We didn't get a chance to meet Courtney until the day of their wedding, but my first impression of her was that she was an easy-going kind of woman.  We met her in the parking lot of the church as she hopped out of the car wearing jeans and a shirt.  After we exchanged hugs, she said, "Give me a few minutes to throw my dress on and we'll be ready to go!"

I have never seen a couple more excited on their wedding day.  Smiles, laughs, and kisses were endless.  Sarah and I were so blessed to be a part of their wedding day!  It was a true joy to spend the day with them and also to catch up with many friends from Los Angeles that we had not seen in several years.  Thanks so much Nate and Courtney for flying us out to LA for the weekend!  Click on the picture below to view some of my favorite shots of the day on Facebook (I know FB isn't the most classy way to showcase wedding photos, but FB pictures are better than no pictures, right?)  By the way, you don't have to be a Facebook member to view the photos!  So click away.