I officially have the coolest kids ever.  Hands down.  I know that's been said before, but everyone else was lying. I've been working with my kids in the car, teaching them the fine art of Rock 'n Roll.  We rock out to all the great classics (one of the benefits to living in the South is a plethora of Classic Rock stations).  They love it and they love it loud!  They sit in the back playing drums and guitars.  But it gets better.

I took Kyla (our 5-year-old) out tonight for a little date to get a treat.  She asked to listen to some music on the way, and she specifically asked for some Rock 'n Roll...I gladly obliged.  The song that came on was "Every Breath You Take"...the original version, not the remake.   So I started prepping her to sing the chorus as I usually do (of course I am a good parent and don't teach all the words to every song!).  After a minute, she asked "Who is that singing Daddy?"

I replied, "That's Sting!  Isn't that funny?  His name is Sting!"  She thought hard for a minute and asked, "Is this the Police?  Cause you told me last time that Sting sings in the Police."

My heart lept with pride and I praised her for remembering!  "That's right!  Good job Kyla!!!"  Her reply was to start singing, "Sending out and S.O.S.  Sending out and S.O.S."

My kids are the coolest.  Case closed.