I'm pretty logistic-minded and like to be prepared.  I guess you could say I get that from my dad...and the Boy Scouts.  So when it comes to things like putting on a workshop, shooting a big wedding, or even moving out of state (like we're doing in 2 weeks), my mind races with all the things that have to be done.  Within minutes, I've created checklists, picked up on the little details that could create a shipwreck, and pictured the desired end result.  Call it a blessing or a curse.

The blessing is that I can be pretty productive.  The curse is that I get in my zone and get so focused that nobody can move me off course.  That is one of the billion reasons God gave me Sarah (speaking of which we just celebrated our 8th anniversary on the 26th!).  She isn't so logistic minded.  She prefers to live in the moment.  So when she suggests that we take a break from packing to take the girls to get smoothies and let them run around some, I begin to grumble.  But eventually I give in and go have a good time.  And guess what?  Everything still gets accomplished!

We're moving to Charlottesville in 2 weeks from today!  There is still much to be done, but we've made a lot of progress.  We've got our house lined up right across the street from our good friends the Hays' in C'Ville.  We've got some people lined up to rent out our house here.  Boxes are being packed.  My checklist for completing photography jobs here in Charlotte is nearly complete.  I've made some good connections in C'Ville and have talked to several really cool people about portrait and wedding shoots.  It's all looking pretty good!  And we even took a break today to have some fun.

Below are a few pictures of the girls that I took today while they were enjoying the beautiful Spring day.  I also threw in two from Kyla's preschool graduation on Wednesday.  I can't believe our little girl is ready for Kindergarten!!!