So I'm getting ready to lay down a good bit of money online right now. Plane tickets for two to Los Angeles for the end of June.

A moving truck for the middle of June.

Moving, you ask?  Yes!  Moving back to Los Angeles, you ask?  No.  But good job using those sleuthy detective skills!

The plane tickets are for Sarah and I to head back and photograph our good friend Nate's wedding in LA at the end of June!  We're so excited to have a few days away by ourselves in our old stomping grounds with some good friends.  The wedding is going to be a blast because we know almost all of the groomsmen very well (and there are a ton of them) and we'll know a bunch of the guests.  I hear his bride-to-be Courtney is super sweet and we can't wait to meet her too!

As far as the moving truck goes, we're packing up the fam moving to Charlottesville, VA!  Now, for those of you who know us well, you understand that we are devout Virginia Tech Hokies and Charlottesville is home to that other college in Virginia.  We'll get past that, I guess.  I happen to know some very decent UVA grads.  I have to say stuff like that because C'Ville is going to be our new town and we'll be seeing my brother and sister-in-law, who graduated from UVA, a little more often!

C'Ville is such a good town filled with some amazing people and we've found an awesome house directly across the street from some great friends from college (yes, more Hokies!).   Our new place is within walking distance to a ton of places which we have desperately missed since leaving LA.  We'll be super close to the mountains and a not-too-far  drive to the beach.  We'll also be 1.5 hours from family!

We're certainly sad to leave so many fantastic people behind here in the Charlotte area, but we feel this is certainly the best move for our family.  So you'll be hearing more about that on this old blog in the future.  I just wanted to keep you in the loop!