This weekend, our church Next Level undertook a huge task - an Extreme Home Makeover!  The Jacobs family was chosen to have their house redone, and I mean REDONE!  We're talking new kitchen cabinets, new floors, paint, furniture, a playhouse for the kids in the backyard, and more...not too bad for a volunteer-driven weekend project!  Unfortunately, since Sarah and I were shooting the wedding yesterday and since two little kids don't mix well in a construction zone, we weren't able to get our hands dirty with the project. However, I was able to catch up with the Jacobs family Friday afternoon after the home makeover had begun.  I took some portraits of this wonderfully sweet family and thoroughly enjoyed my time with them.  I rushed home on Friday and got some big prints made and framed in time to hang on the wall for the big reveal this evening.  We just got home a few hours ago from taking the girls down to the house to be a part of the big reveal party, and it was a blast!

Below are a few of my favorite portraits of our time together followed by a few shots I grabbed while holding Kyla on my shoulders tonight at the reveal!

Quick Update: I just found a picture of the portraits being hung in the house on a friend's Facebook page.  You can see that here!