I love Easter.  Not only because of the new life it represents and the joy it brings me through my faith, but holidays are just so much more fun with kids!  Easter was always one of those rich, tradition-filled holidays when I was a kid and I love starting new traditions with our young family.  Admittedly, though, Sarah gets all the credit for coming up with the traditions, but I love them! The girls went to an Easter party last week with some friends and came back addicted to hiding Easter eggs.  I cannot count the number of egg hunts I've participated in over the past 3 days!  Kyla loves the "you're getting hotter/colder game" while she hunts.  I grabbed a few quick photos Sunday after church while we were hunting in the front yard.  Happy Easter season!  And if you're in the Charlotte area and need a place to be on Easter Sunday, check out Next Level Church - there's talk of an Easter Twitter experiment that you won't want to miss!