What an amazing weekend!  This early Spring weather has been fantastic and the Davis family has been hard at work in the garden (our ever-growing hobby).  Last year was our first try at a real garden and we are hooked!  Our biggest regret last year was that we didn't plant enough greens, so this year we went overboard!  So far, we've planted seeds for broccoli, chard, kale, spinach, red and green lettuce, radishes, snow peas, and snap peas!  Once it warms up a bit, we'll go for some beans and a few other warm-weather veggies!  It's fun seeing the seeds sprouting already, though.  We wimped out last year and bought seedlings from the farmer's market, but decided this year we would grow veggies the real way!  We'll see how it works out. You'll notice that we're experimenting with a new-to-us watering system using Oallas.  You can read more about those here, but basically, it is a clay vase buried in the ground that lets the water seep out as the soil needs it.  I opted to make my own for about $6 instead of buying fancy ones for $30!  We'll let you know how it goes.  I laid down the soaker house just in case our experiment doesn't work.

Our little garden helpers enjoyed sewing seeds and writing the labels!

Every garden needs (at least) one of these:

Once we were done with the seeds in the big garden, the girls decided to make their own garden(s).  We're not totally sure where else they planted seeds, so we might have veggies popping up all over the place!

Now on to some of the pretty flowers and cute kids!

Our little guy is fascinated with water, so I used some old wood we had laying around and a concrete mixing tub from the hardware store to make a water table...fresh coat of paint coming soon!

Our oldest daughter had a vision of a forsythia bush surrounded by pansies...so here you have it!

Home, sweet home!