Back in October, I had the pleasure of riding with Ben and Lara up to the Blue Ridge Parkway for their engagement session. I had not been up on the Parkway in quite some time so it was a great time enjoying the view, good conversation, and some special moments with a fabulous couple! These two high school sweethearts were naturals in front of the camera even though they claimed they might have a hard time relaxing and being themselves! Lara was truly a champ for these photos as well because it was frigid that evening! She never complained a bit. And we had to include the car that Ben restored in high school. I thought it was so great that he still has the car as he nears the end of medical school.

After having exhausted the first overlook, we hopped in the car and headed up the Parkway to see what we could find. As we drove towards the next overlook, I spotted this side road and made Lara turn around! It was worth the mid-Parkway u-turn, for sure!

PS - It was colder for their October engagement session than it was for their late-November wedding! This has been a crazy fall/early winter as far as weather goes!

PPS -We're dedicated to catching you all up on what we were photographing throughout the Fall.  Stay tuned!