We're back with another post from Joseph and Virginie's wedding in France.  You can view our favorite images from the preparations and the ceremony if you're just joining us! There were so many incredible opportunities for portraits around the castle after the ceremony and the sun didn't set until about 9:00 so we had a lot to work with!  It's not everyday that we get to photograph a lovely couple during a gorgeous sunset on the grounds of a beautiful French castle!  Let's just say I was in photographer's heaven.  So without further ado, here we go!

When you have a guest list of people from all over the world, you really have to do a large group shot!  Thankfully, everyone was already gathered together after the ceremony at the bottom of the church steps.  I seized the moment and did my best with my non-French-speaking self and managed to get everyone looking my way.

After all the guests started walking toward the buses to head back to the reception, I had about 3 minutes with Joseph and Virginie for a few portraits.  I quickly glanced around and spotted this gorgeous alley directly beside the church.  I asked them to walk on over and take a few minutes to themselves and this is what we got!  Granted, I had to sprint with with a ton of camera gear to catch my ride back to the castle, but I'd say it was worth the run.

Joseph and his groomsmen had me cracking up the entire day.

Virginie and her bridesmaids could not have been any sweeter!  What a lovely group of ladies.

One of our favorite parts about photographing portraits during the wedding day is having an excuse to let the bride and groom get a little time to themselves.  We commit quite  a bit of time to the couple just being together to savor the moments which not only helps them create special memories, but it allows us to capture images like these.

Check back soon for our post of their reception!  You won't want to miss that one!