Happy birthday to me!!  That's right, I am venturing further into the world of my thirties today and that means it is time for another contest!  I am so excited to announce the beginning of our 3rd annual $29 wedding photography contest!  In case you're new to the blog or forgot what it's all about, here's the deal.  I decided on my 30th birthday that I wanted to celebrate in a special way.  When Sarah and I got married ten years ago, a good family friend volunteered to photograph our wedding for free!  That was such a huge help because we were getting married right out of college and the wedding budget certainly was not elaborate.  Our parents threw us a great party, but wedding photography was just not a part of the budget.  Little did we know that ten years later, we'd have a wedding photography business of our own! So in that spirit, the $29 Wedding Photography Contest was born.  This is my yearly opportunity to celebrate my recurring 29th birthday while at the same time giving back to some wonderful people.  One couple out there somewhere will be chosen by our expert panel of judges (read Peter and Sarah with our kids used as tie-breakers) to have us photograph their wedding for only $29.  There are no strings attached, no fine print, no nothing.  You pay us $29, we photograph your wedding just like we would any of our other fabulous clients!  It's our way of giving back and helping keep the world a happy place to be.

Of course, as with any contest, there are a few rules we ask everyone to abide by!  There aren't many, but here's the rundown:

1)  Couples entering the contest should have a true financial need in regards to wedding planning.  We won't ask to inspect your tax records and you don't have to share all the details, but please be honest with us and yourselves!  Our hope is that only people who truly have a need will enter, not couples with an able budget looking to save some money to be able to fly first class on their way to the 5-star resort honeymoon!  If you've already contacted us about photographing your wedding, you probably don't fall into this category - sorry!

2)  Obviously, we have to be available on your wedding date!  In order to enter, you really should have a date set in place.  We can't agree to shoot your wedding if we don't know when your wedding will be.  Your wedding must happen before 8/1/2012.  If your wedding falls in the off-season or on a Friday or Sunday, you might also receive 2 gold stars!

3)  Couples entering the contest must be getting married within a one-hour drive from Charlottesville.

4)  Couples entering the contest must be willing to have their images and story shared here on the blog - obviously, we will be respectful of your privacy, but we know our readers love to see wedding photos and hear a good story!

5)  The winning couple will receive up to 8 hours of wedding photography coverage with no expectation to buy anything else.

6)  Contest rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Here's how to enter!

Send an email to peter@psdavis.com by midnight on August 20 telling us why you should win the contest!  That's it, really.  But, I must say Kyle and Paul's video from last year set the bar pretty high!  But don't worry if you're not technologically savvy!  Just get creative and get your submission in.  Tell us why you're so in love and what your wedding will be like!  That's about it.  Please let us know if you have any questions and get the word out!

As a little inspiration, click here to see  Kyle and Paul's winning video from last year!!

And since every blog post is better with a picture, here is one of our little guy Zach learning to walk on the streets of Montmartre in Paris!

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