Somehow, for the past 7 years or so, our family has always been fortunate enough to live in places where we can see fireworks from the yard.  If you haven't experienced a July 4 firework show without the crowds or traffic, you are really missing out!  This year, we had some friends over and we decided to head over to McIntire Park for some of the carnival festivities.  Typically, this little festival and firework show draws a huge crowd of thousands, but this year a rather large storm scared most people away - except for the amazing volunteers who hosted the event!  After the storm cleared, we walked over to the park in the midst of a slight drizzle.  I didn't bring my camera to the park because I'm not a huge fan of it getting soaked in the rain, but I did capture some of the fun once we got back home.  The kids had a blast jumping on the wet moon bounces and in particular, speeding down a wet moon-bounce slide!  As you can tell, things got a bit messy, but no one complained in the least about being muddy!  Here are a few of my favorites from the night.