Making people feel comfortable in front of the camera is about 70% of creating a great portrait.  Some people have a hard time feeling relaxed and take some warming up.  Others, though, are naturals.  They make my job easy.  Enter Cynthia and Jereme!  Talk about two relaxed people who simply love being together!  I've known Cynthia for well over ten years because she is Sarah's cousin.  Last night, however, was my first time meeting Jereme.  You see, they met in Abu Dhabi, UAE while Cynthia was working after she graduated from college.  She's back in the States now working on a law degree and he is still working in Abu Dhabi until they get married this summer. Jereme is an incredibly talented photographer and I am quite honored that they hired us to photograph their wedding this summer in Williamsburg!

I was so thrilled that they were able to work out a trip to Charlottesville while he is in town for about ten days.  We met up last night and explored some of my favorite spots in Charlottesville.  I had such an incredible time photographing these two, catching up with Cynthia, and getting to know Jereme.  I cannot wait for their wedding and I'm excited to share a few of my favorite images with you from their engagement portrait session.  As always, there are more images posted on our facebook page.  Enjoy!

PS - you should definitely check out Jereme's website.  He has traveled the world and photographed in some pretty amazing spots!

PSS - Speaking of feeling comfortable in front of the camera, we're finally getting a Davis family portrait session, ourselves!  We can hardly wait to have another photographer document our family at this stage of life because we haven't had a family portrait session in about four years!

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