For the second year in a row, I had the privilege of joining the Basic Photography classes at Charlottesville High School on a field trip last Friday and I had a blast!  We took two busloads of students to the Downtown Mall so that they could practice their portraiture and to get familiar with the new digital SLR cameras since they'd been working with film up until now.  Fifteen volunteers from the ever-amazing Charlottesville Photography Meetup Group joined up with us so that the students were in small groups of about 4-5 to every photographer!  I walked about a bajillion miles with my group of freshmen and sophomores as we stopped to explore good lighting, to ask random people for a quick portrait, and to eat some good food.  It was such a great day and I loved watching the kids get excited over great shots and having an over-all good time with cameras in their hands!  Hats off to Rachel and Rachel - the two photography teachers at CHS for putting together such an amazing experience for the kids.  I know they loved it and they learned so many valuable lessons in photography!

I hardly took any pictures because I was helping them most of the day, but here's one shot of my budding photographers in action.