One of my goals last year was to get out on a photowalk with at least one other photographer at least once a month.  I made it out to at least four photowalks which isn't too bad considering we had a baby and moved last year.  Well, that excuse at least makes me feel better about myself even if I have used it a thousand times already! At any rate, I was excited to get out on a photowalk this afternoon with my new friend Anton who recently bought a new camera and has embarked on an admirable personal photo project.  I was a brave boy and headed out into the 35 degree weather and had a blast talking about exposures, lenses, f-stops, metering, life, and motorcycles.  One thing was certainly made clear to me as we wandered around Downtown Charlottesville.  I am first and foremost a people photographer!  The light was so crisp and clear.  The sky was an incredible blue.  I kept discovering amazing spots of reflected light and found myself wishing I had a cute couple in front of the lens!  These photowalks are good for me, I believe.  They keep me from getting in a rut.  They push my creative limits and teach me to see new things.  If nothing else, they always provide good company and conversation!  Here are a few of my favorites.  Can you tell that I was in love with the color of the sky?

I had to take at least one photo with a person in it...even if that person was me.

PS - If you live in the area and want to out photowalkin' sometime, hit me up in the comments below!

PPS - If you do want to go, let's either wait till it's warmer or you can buy me some of these.