At the end of yesterday's heavy post, I promised some images from a recent baby portrait shoot.  And while I'm not quite ready to share those yet, I would love to show off our kids!  As I mentioned yesterday, Kyla started riding her bike with no training wheels and she is having a blast!  We owe a lot of the credit of this new feat to the incredible Prince Lionheart balance bike!  If you have kids that need to learn to ride a bike, ditch the training wheels and use this for a little while and you'll be good to go!  Our girls have been doing laps in the house (since it's been freezing outside) on this bike for the past few weeks and Sarah got Kyla up on her real bike Sunday with no trouble at all. So on Monday morning, Sarah and I took the kids to the high school track for a few laps and Kyla is proud to brag that she rode an entire mile before we were all about frozen and came home to thaw.  Avery and Zach joined in the fun, too.  Here are our three amazing kiddos having a blast on a chilly January morning!

Charlottesville wedding photographer

Kyla is so proud of herself!  Notice the missing teeth!  I've had to yank 4 out of her mouth so far.  That is one part of parenthood no book can quite prepare you for!  Yuck.

Here's Avery sporting the balance bike.  She managed two laps around the track pushing along on her feet!  She's doing great on the balance bike and will likely be up on her real bike before too long.

Zach pretty much has a good time anywhere we go!

Thanks for checking out the family!  We feel truly blessed these days as our kids get older and take new steps towards independence.  Enjoy the rest of your week!

PS - You might just see us at the track more often once the weather warms up.  We realized while we were out there that we could bring along the jogging stroller and actually run laps TOGETHER while the girls ride bikes.  We haven't been able to exercise together in forever!

PPS - Zach started saying "Dadadada" today.  Love that little guy.