A few days ago, I sent an email to our wonderful clients John and Jill of last year's wonderful New Year's Even wedding.  You can also see their Day After session here.  Their first anniversary was coming up soon and I was hoping to start a new tradition here on the blog of inviting our clients to guest-blog for us on their first anniversaries!  The idea would be to have them reflect back on their wedding, choose some of their favorite images and tell either the story behind the image or why they love them so much. Well, I didn't hear back from the immediately, and I was thinking that perhaps they were too busy with the holidays and such and that maybe it wouldn't happen this time.  Boy was I wrong!  I woke up to an email from this morning that made my day.  They sent me their post and it is a great one!  You won't want to miss this post tomorrow, so be sure to check back and see what they have to say.  Have a great day!

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