The classic jumping bridal party shot.  It's not something I typically suggest on a wedding day because I'm constantly seeking something new and different.  However, it's pretty typical that someone in the bridal party will suggest it and well, it is a lot of fun!  At Jen and Evan's wedding at Glenmore Country Club, I certainly couldn't say no because this bridal party was braving dropping temperatures as the sun disappeared below the trees!  They wanted to jump so they were going to jump.  And despite the large wedding party and fading light, we still managed to get a shot of everyone off the ground (including Jen in her wedding dress and crazy high heels)!

glenmore country club wedding

PS - the trick is to pick your knees up to make it look like you're getting some serious air.  I know this trick mostly because I can't jump.

PPS - only 2 weeks to shop for a Christmas present for your favorite wedding photographer.  I like pretty much anything black with the word "Nikon" on it and shiny silver and black things with a small apple on it.  Coffee, wine, or chocolate chip cookies will suffice as well.