I am so excited to share the photo booth images from Sara and Brandon's 10/10/10 wedding!  Sara, like with the rest of their wedding, paid attention to all the details and provided her own amazing props including handmade mustaches on sticks, a chalkboard, frames, hats, and weapons (note: no guests were harmed in the photographing of this photo booth)!  That's the great thing about a photo booth at a wedding reception.  We provide the setup and the amazing guests take care of the rest!  Now Sara and Brandon have a creative and hilarious documentation of their friends and family members having a blast at their wedding.  Love it! Wendy "manned" the photo booth that day and I'm not sure who had more fun, her or the guests!  As always, you can see A TON more photo booth images and tag you and your friends over at our facebook page.  Enjoy!

We'll start things off with a nice family photo.  Wouldn't this be a great Christmas card this year?

A photo booth is always much more successful when the bride and groom jump in!