Today, Sarah had a fund raising get-together for Birth Matters Virginia in Richmond at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.   Our girls spent the afternoon with their grandparents at the Children's Museum eating popcorn and brownies while we headed off to meet new people and enjoy an afternoon together with just Zach.  We had a great time snacking, sipping coffee, and talking with people from all over the state.  I got some one-on-one time with Zach, too, which is a rarity since the girls love being near him so much.  Zach and I found the quiet reading room in the library there and he took a nice long nap on my shoulder.  I tried my hardest to not fall asleep since I'm not the most graceful sleeper (picture head back and mouth open with a high chance of snoring)!  I also took a few minutes to wander the gorgeous grounds around the property and I seriously wish I would have had more time!  I haven't been there in about 7 years and so much has changed.  If you're in the RVA area and are looking for something to do, this place is amazing.  I would absolutely love to photograph a wedding there someday!  We'll certainly have to take the girls back there in the spring to see the gardens in full bloom!