In January of this year, Sarah embarked on a whole new journey.  She enrolled in school to be a midwife!  I'm so proud of her for pursuing this dream and she is working incredibly hard with the academic part of her education.  She's been a doula for several years now and will soon be jumping into clinical work learning how to actually deliver babies.  Wild!  In the meantime, she's been going to Richmond for skills training sessions.  A few weeks ago, she took off to learn how to draw blood!  I was very happy to volunteer to keep the three kids while she did that so she didn't have to practice on me!  (I'm a fainter!) I've kept the kids on my own a bunch before (including a 2.5 week stint when the girls were 2 and 4 while Sarah traveled overseas!), but this was the longest I had been on my own with the girls and Zach who is not the most thrilled with the idea of being gone from Mom for so long.  We survived just fine, however, and I even managed to get them all out on a few errands and to our neighborhood park.  Here's one of my favorite images from our time together!  I think this will have to soon become a huge canvas print for our living room!