I posted a sneak peek of Sara and Brandon's 10/10/10 wedding here on the blog a while back as well as several images on our facebook page.  Now comes time for the full post!  Let me just start by saying this wedding was all about the details.  If you're looking for inspiration for an amazing DIY outdoor/tent/farm/backyard/picnic wedding, look no further!  Every piece of this wedding had a personal touch by Sara and Brandon from the hand-sewn gift bags, to the vintage coke bottle flower vases bought at a flea market, to the surprise groom's cake in the form of Brandon's beloved dog!  In lieu of dancing since their wedding began at 11:00AM, they provided their guests with ample entertainment of horseshoes, badminton, cornhole, and croquet!  There is no doubt that everyone had a blast - including myself! It was especially nice for me to be there because I went to high school and college with Brandon's older brother, Chris.  The last time I was at the Wolf house was in high school and well, let's just say quite a few years ago (what, did you think I was going to reveal my true age here?).  I was so honored to be back in their home again and to catch up with Chris and Mr. and Mrs. Wolf.  One other unexpected personal blessing to me is that one of the guests had a daughter who went to the high school where my mom was as assistant principal.  Once she figured out who I was through Mrs. Wolf, I got to hear some great stories about what a great lady my mom was and that always makes my day!

Many thanks once again to Wendy who photographed this wedding with me and did another fantastic job with the photo booth (those pictures are coming!).  Enjoy a look at their day!  This post is a bit longer than normal so that I could showcase all of the effort put into the amazing details!

Sara and Brandon chose to see each other before the wedding.  I always tell our clients that we'll never try and talk them into doing this if they don't want to, but I can't help but taking a minute to say how great it is!  We were able to get every single formal group portrait done before the ceremony which was a huge desire of theirs so that they could spend the entire reception seeing friends and family they don't get to see very often!  Plus, you get great expressions like these!

Monogrammed Chucks with alternating colors!  Classic.

This pose is probably required in all farm weddings when a pitchfork is handy.

This was my first time photographing a bride with a sickle!

Rope swing + cute newlywed couple + gorgeous light = amazing.