A friend of one of our October wedding clients (who also happens to be a friend of mine) recently asked if we offer gift certificates.  She wanted to help her friend either buy a wedding album or prints from her wedding day.  My response was, "I've been wanting to get something like that together, but I haven't had a chance to do it.  Let's have you be the first to give it a shot!"  So a few days later, PS Davis gift certificates were born! I personally feel as though this is such a great idea (although I might be a bit biased)!  Obviously, we believe that wedding photography is important.  The images from your wedding day are all you will eventually have to remember the day you made that amazing commitment to the love of your life.  Wouldn't it be a nice wedding or shower gift to buy a wedding album, canvas print, engagement session or even just a few extra prints to decorate the new home for a friend or family member that is getting married?

The gift certificates are available in any dollar amount (and every bit helps, right?).  Let us know if you'd like more information!   And attention all you brides out there!  This is just the beginning as we're planning out our complete bridal registry program that will allow you to add us to your bridal registry list!