What's that you say?  It's Saturday?  Pay no attention to that.  It's foto Friday time! kyla flowers-5

We headed down to the Charlottesville Farmer's Market this morning and stocked up on fresh fruit and veggies.  It was such a gorgeous morning!  On the way home, we decided to swing by our old house and say hi to our neighbors Byron and Kate.  We love our new house , but we certainly miss quite a lot about our old place.  I believe the part that the girls miss the most is picking flowers in Byron and Kate's gorgeous yard.

Kate and Byron were always so gracious to let the girls pick flowers and our house was always so nicely decorated!  Today was just like old times and Kyla came home with quite a collection.  Zach also came home with a handmade quilt that Kate made for him!  When we got home, Kyla quickly went to work dividing them out into vases and even put some in her flower press.  I believe we will have to get a serious flower garden going in the fall to keep the girls from going through withdrawal!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS - We've always enjoyed the farmer's market, but after watching Food, Inc., we feel like it's more a necessity that we shop there!