We've been wanting to do this for a long time, but we finally decided it was time to just carve out the time, stay up late, and get it done!  I finally finished revamping our wedding photography website!  I'm excited about the new look and feel as well as the updated information! Another exciting change is that we just launched the Client Lounge!  This section of our website is designed as a helpful resource for our current and potential wedding clients!  The site has all the information, forms, and resources our clients will need to complete their PS Experience from start to finish.  We'd love to show it off for you, but the password is reserved for our present and future clients!  If that description fits you and you haven't heard from us yet, be sure to contact us so that we can send you the password!

One last change is that hopefully in the near future, you will start hearing from Sarah on the blog!  I think I've convinced her to contribute a weekly post about whatever is on her mind!  She wasn't sure what she would write, but I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy reading her posts as a break from me!  Stay tuned for Sundays with Sarah...maybe this week, maybe next.  But for now, be sure to head over to head over and check out our new look!

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