In 2009, I turned 30 years old.  I have to say I handled the change fairly well and year 30 has been exciting and rewarding.  Now, in a week, I turn 31.  That's not quite as exciting because now I will officially be in my thirties.  We are also getting a mini van in a few weeks.  Honestly, that has been the hardest pill to swallow!  I never thought I'd ever be driving around town in a van.  But I guess that goes with life with 3 wonderful kids!

In order to continue feeling my youthful self, I have decided to conduct the Keep-Peter-Feeling-29-Years-Old-Forever $29 Wedding Photography Contest.  Or we can just call it the 2nd Annual $29 Wedding Photography Contest.

That's right, for the second year in a row, we are offering one lucky couple a $29 wedding package.  It's really our little way of giving back.  When we got married 9+ years ago, we didn't have any money for a photographer.  We obviously valued good photography, but we didn't have the means to pay anyone.  Thankfully, we had a talented friend who offered to shoot our wedding for us and without his generosity, I doubt we would have been able to have a photographer at all!  This contest is also my way of ensuring that I have a great birthday.  Last year, I had a blast announcing the winner in the morning and reading the emails of the winners their family members throughout the day!  It was the best.  With the deadline extension this year, I won't be announcing on my birthday, but I imagine I'll get a bunch of entries on the 11th which will make my birthday just as fun - we're just extending the celebration!

So in that same spirit, here are the contest rules:

The Basics:

-Send me an email at peter@psdavis.com and tell us why you think you should win this contest by midnight on August 12 (a 48-hour extension).  Video entries just might receive bonus points!  Last year's winning video was dynamite!  But don't worry, if you don't have video skills, just get creative.  Some entrants last year created websites or had family members write in.   We love a good story, so tell us yours!  You can nominate yourself, a friend, or a family member.

-Our panel of expert judges will review the entries, and I’ll post the winner on the blog on the day after my birthday, August 13 (not the 11th as previously posted).

Who we’re looking for:

-The winner must be a super-in-love couple who can’t afford a big, fancy wedding – sorry no rich people looking for a freebie!  Please be honest!

-Your wedding must be within a 1.5 hour drive of Charlottesville, VA on a date that we haven’t already booked.  You must have your date already confirmed and please be sure to include your date in your entry.

-The winner must be willing to have their pictures and story posted here on the blog.

What the winner will receive:

-Up to 8 hours of coverage on your wedding day for only $29!

-Online proofing of images for you, family, friends, and wedding guests

-No obligation to buy anything else

This should be fun and we can’t wait to read (or see and hear via video) your stories!  Be sure to pass this on to family and friends and feel free to nominate someone who you think is deserving today!  Have fun!  And by the way, bribery with birthday gifts will not help you win, but in case you were wondering I do enjoy coffee, chocolate, imported beer, and any kind of Nikon camera gear.  :)