I met up this morning with Shaena, Travis, and their beautiful almost-six-month-old daughter Elena for the beginning of a busy portrait season.  I had met Travis and Shaena several months ago when they were taking the childbirth class that Sarah teaches and they also became her doula clients.   I always love photographing Sarah's clients because I get to hear them brag about how great my wife is!  Sarah really is the best at what she does.  Travis and Shaena are Sarah's second clients who have asked me to photograph their young family just before leaving Charlottesville!  Travis just finished law school at UVA and they are on their way to begin a new phase of their lives in Arizona.  While we're sad to see them go, I was so thankful to have a chance to create some images that will help them remember their time here in Charlottesville while Elena is so little.  Well, maybe I should say while Elena is young.  You will fall in love with the rolls on this girl! Here are a few of my favorite images from our morning together.  You can find more on our facebook page.  Enjoy!

Charlottesville Family Portraits-2

Charlottesville Family Portraits-5

Charlottesville Family Portraits-9

Charlottesville Family Portraits-19

Charlottesville Family Portraits-27

Charlottesville Family Portraits-30

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