One of the best parts about almost all of our 2010 clients is that we have a personal connection with each one of them.  We don't pay for advertising, so referrals are our lifeline and relationships are key to who we are!  That's why I was so excited when I received an email a few months ago from my friend Aaron saying that his sister was getting married in October and needed a photographer.  I've known Aaron since college, but I haven't seen him since he visited us in Los Angeles right after he rode his bike all the way down the coast from somewhere around San Fransisco! I hadn't met Aaron's sister, Anna, until this evening and let me tell you - Anna and Matt are the kind of people you want to be around!  I had such a great time with them this evening as I took them all over Charlottesville!  They are so easy to talk to and even though Anna claimed she was a little nervous about the photo shoot, I think you'll be able to see just how at ease she is with Matt.  They were truly the ideal clients because they trusted me from the beginning and were willing to try anything I suggested.  I'm so excited to share a few of my favorite images from this evening.  As always, you can see a few more on our facebook page (you don't need a facebook account to see them).  I can't wait until their October wedding (my personal favorite wedding month!).  Enjoy!

Anna Garland Engagement-04

Anna Garland Engagement-01

Anna Garland Engagement-10

Anna Garland Engagement-20

Anna Garland Engagement-25

Anna Garland Engagement-27

Anna Garland Engagement-29

Anna Garland Engagement-31

Anna Garland Engagement-32

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