As a photographer, I know that having a backup plan is vital.  I need backup cameras, lenses, flashes, and batteries on every job.  I bring backup glasses in case, for some strange reason, my glasses should break because vision is a fairly popular quality in a photographer these days.  I even bring backup clothes now that I learned the hard way that sometimes pants have a way of splitting in the rear when subjected to constant squatting!  This weekend, I was reminded of the importance of a backup plan for everything...including me! I met Jill and Chucky through some friends from college late last year.  They are such an amazingly fun and loving couple and I was ecstatic that they chose us to photograph their wedding.  I knew that there would be no way Sarah would be able to work on this wedding with me since she would be either at the end of her pregnancy or we might have a newborn.  So my first call after booking with them was to my friend Maggie!  Maggie and I photographed a wedding together on Halloween last year and she was a blast to work with.  I told her that I needed some help and that there was a small chance she may end up shooting the wedding without me just in case Zach chose to arrive on the wedding day!  I didn't really think that would happen, but again, a backup plan is vital!  Well, as you know if you read my previous post, Zach decided to enter the world early in the morning of their wedding day on Saturday.  Thankfully, Maggie had come by the previous day and had gotten everything from me that she needed because I obviously wasn't able to be there.

According to Maggie, their wedding day sounded like an absolute blast!  They did get a pretty big storm, but from Maggie's images that I have downloaded (and backed up!), it doesn't appear as though the rain dampened anyone's spirits!  As I knew she would, Maggie did a bang-up job and here are some of my favorite images.  Jill and Chucky, I wish I could have been there!  You two are a special couple and I wish you all the best in your marriage.  We'll be in touch soon!

As always, there are more images (that you can feel free to tag) on our facebook page.  You don't have to have a facebook account to see the images!

jill and chucky-01

I love it when couples see each other before the ceremony for a first look!

jill and chucky-02

jill and chucky-03

jill and chucky-04

jill and chucky-06

jill and chucky-07

Jill and Chucky scouted out some great locations for portraits between the ceremony and the reception.  And because all of the family portraits were wrapped up before the ceremony, there was plenty of time for these great shots at unique locations!

jill and chucky-08

jill and chucky-09

jill and chucky-11

I must say that I truly enjoy it when brides aren't too upset about getting a little dirt on their dresses.  We'll certainly never "trash" a dress on a wedding day, but it sure is fun to create images like these on the wedding day!

jill and chucky-16

jill and chucky-23

In my opinion, every bride and groom should stop for ice cream before the ceremony!

jill and chucky-25

According to Maggie, the skies pretty much opened up right at the end of this stop!  Good timing everyone!  I love how ominous the sky appears in the background!

jill and chucky-27

jill and chucky-31

jill and chucky-33

The shot below needs a brief explanation!  Jill is a General Manager for Chik-Fil-A.  She and Chucky met when he worked at her store in between his service in the military and when he entered college.  He takes great pride in the fact that he is now married to his former boss!  With that in mind, the cows had to make an appearance!

jill and chucky-36

An upper-deck bouquet toss!

jill and chucky-37

jill and chucky-38

jill and chucky-39