This time of year brings about a strong mix of emotions in my life.  May 26th is our anniversary!  July 5th is our youngest daughter's birthday!  The end of the school year!  The beginning of summer!  Those are all such joy-filled experiences.  The beginning of June, though, is also the anniversary of one of the hardest times in my life.  For those of you who know us well, you remember that my mother passed away 4 years ago.  We were living in Los Angeles, and I flew back to Virginia to visit her in the hospital and the last time I saw her was on June 5.  Those last moments with her play in my mind often, but especially at this time of year.  She passed away on June 12, a week after I visited her.  A little over two weeks after she died, our daughter Avery was born!  Talk about a huge pull on the emotions.  Well, we now have one more event to mark at this time of year, and it's amazing to all of us that God chose June 12 to be the birthday of our son Zachary Christopher Davis!  He was born yesterday morning at 6:04AM weighing in at 8lbs 11oz!  This new birthday to celebrate is surely meant to be a comfort to our family.  The name Zachary means "God has remembered" and so far this little guy has lived up to his name! Zachary's birth yesterday was certainly an amazing experience.  Sarah is certainly one tough lady and delivered Zach at home with the unbelievably wonderful support of Brynne and Deren of The Mountain View Midwives.  We discovered the benefits of homebirth with the birth of our second daughter in Los Angeles and we were thrilled when we found Brynne and Deren's practice when we moved to Charlottesville.  Sarah has come to believe in the homebirth experience so much that she enrolled in midwifery school at the beginning of this year!  Within the next few years, she'll be delivering babies too!

Thankfully, we've scheduled a pretty light summer (when compared to how we normally roll).  Sarah plans to get a lot of schoolwork done.  The girls are taking swim lessons and plan to spend as much time as possible at the pool and parks.  I'm shooting a wedding in July and a few other engagement sessions and portrait sessions as well as attending a one day photography conference in D.C.  We're also moving 2 miles down the road at the end of July, but like I said, compared to our normal speed, this should be a pretty slow 2 months.  It'll hopefully give us a chance to catch our breath before a crazy Fall!

At any rate, I know you're here to see pictures of Zach, so here you go!  I'll do my best to post more later.  Most of these are straight out of the camera with no editing so please excuse the poor white balancing!