Since Katie's wedding has now come and gone, I can finally post some of my favorites from her bridal portrait session from way back in April!  I've been dying to show these, but I have been waiting until after their wedding so as not to spoil the surprise of how stunning Katie looked as a bride!  I just love bridal sessions before a wedding for many reasons.  First of all, we really get to know the bride and even some of her family.  Katie brought her mom, her sister, and both of her grandmothers.  Knowing more of her family members helped me just jump right in and start shooting on Saturday.  I love showing up at the wedding and getting hugs from the proud grandmas!  Second, it gives the bride a chance to give getting ready a trial run...which can really come in handy.  It also gives us a chance to take our time creating the right looks for the bride without the rush of the wedding day.  At any rate, here are some of Katie's bridal portraits.  Enjoy! katie bridal-01

katie bridal-02

We always search our locations for the best lighting and usually it works out easily.  Then there are times that you have to make it work yourself!  In order to keep the crazy shaded pattern from the trees off of Katie's face, I had to employ a little help!  They had also just cut the grass here, but we came prepared with sheets!  We always work hard to protect that dress!

katie bridal-03

katie bridal-04

katie bridal-05

katie bridal-06

Being a guy, I probably don't get as excited about the bride's shoes as my female counterparts, but I can appreciate a cool pair of shoes when I see one!

katie bridal-07

katie bridal-08

katie bridal-09

katie bridal-10

katie bridal-11

katie bridal-12

katie bridal-14

katie bridal-15