We got an email a few months ago from our friend Chris saying that he and his wife Laurie were coming to Charlottesville for the weekend to celebrate their 11th anniversary and Laurie's birthday.  Eleven years?  How is that possible?  We were at their wedding when we were in college!  I even spent the summer after my freshman year living in a double-wide trailer with Chris and several other people at Myrtle Beach.  It's hard to believe that we've known them for such a long time and it's even harder to believe that we live only an hour away from them now and we haven't seen each other since we moved back to Virginia (besides a quick Bodo's lunch with Chris last summer)!   This was a great chance to spend some time with them and make plans to get our kids together for a big day sometime soon. The good news is that Chris and Laurie are the kind of people who are easy to catch up with.  They came back to our house just a while ago and we sat around talking just like no time had passed, even though it's been years since we've had that kind of time together.  You have to love friends like that!  Chris and Laurie also have three kids - two older girls and a younger boy so we picked their brains quite a bit on how to handle life with that kind of household.  They are also very entrepreneurially-minded and have recently started their own businesses in Richmond as well.  We only had a little while to celebrate their anniversary with some portraits and below is a sneak peek.  Can't you tell that these two are fun to be around?  Can't wait to see you two again soon.