It's been a while since I've had a chance to update the blog with how the Davis family is doing.  We're getting ready to enter into a wild ride for the next few months, so this might be the last update for a while!  Here goes - a top 4 list of what we've been up to. 1) Getting ready for baby #3!  Our boy is due in the middle of June, but we're entering the phase where anything can happen!  We've got two weddings booked in early June, so thankfully our friend Maggie who has worked with me before is coming along just in case this little guy decides to come on a wedding day!  You have to be prepared for anything.  Oh, and we've decided to name him Zachary Christopher (and call him Zach).

2)  Losing teeth...well, that's just Kyla, but it has been a family affair!  Lucky Dad has had the pleasure of pulling two loose teeth out of her mouth in the last 2 weeks.  This from the guy who doesn't handle blood or pain very well and has nearly passed out while visiting people in the hospital.  What can I say?  I'm a survivor!  Venturing into the world of the Tooth Fairy with the girls has been a blast although I should have done the calculations before she left a dollar the first night!  A quarter might have been a better idea.

3)  Wrapping up a school year.  We can hardly believe that summer is upon us!  That means we're nearing our one-year anniversary of leaving Charlotte...time has flown!  The last day of teaching for me is June 11!  I'm hoping the baby will decide to come after June 13th...that would be perfect timing!  This one has a lot of exclamation marks!

4)  Enjoying Spring!  Let me just say that we love living in Charlottesville.  Yes, the winter was rough, but now that we're in the clear and we can enjoy the Farmer's Market and hitting all the parks with the kids, everything is grand!  One of the best parts is that Avery has been free of the severe eczema that plagued us so badly in North Carolina.  She feels a million times better and has survived Fall and Spring here with no issues at all.  Kyla and Avery also love picking flowers and Kyla can tell you the name of pretty much any flower she sees!  I learn the name of a new flower every time we go out!

And since every post needs a picture, here are a few of the girls recently.  Hopefully we'll have some of the Zach soon!

This is what happens when you let your kids pick out their own sunglasses:

update 5-10-6

update 5-10-3

I've been trying to toughen them up a bit in preparation for having a younger brother.  They really enjoy the good old-fashioned WWF wrestling moves and Avery does a pretty good impression of Hulk Hogan.  Here they are trying to look their toughest.

update 5-10-1

update 5-10-2

Since our kids spend most of the day climbing on anything that is stationary, it's pretty natural that they would love gymnastics!

update 5-10-4

update 5-10-5