The Dogwood Festival Parade made its way through the streets of Charlottesville today.  The kids were super-excited about the parade so we loaded up the jogging stroller and headed downtown.  We absolutely love living close enough to the downtown area that we can walk - although Sarah was a pretty wiped out when we got back.  There's something about being 7+ months pregnant that makes one tire easily, I guess!  We made the outing worthwhile and enjoyed lunch on the Downtown Mall after the parade.  I must admit that for a small-town parade, it was pretty well done!  I was disappointed that we arrived at the curb just after the firefighters I photographed had passed in the big trucks.  But we got to enjoy some local school bands and of course, my favorite - the Shriners and their crazy-loud go karts.  I remember those things from when I was a kid and I was pumped when I saw them coming.  I knew the girls would not enjoy them as much as I would because of the noise, but I knew I would have a chance at getting a few cool shots of the old men and their tiny cars... parade-1







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