Ok, so this is really a foto Saturday...not Friday.  Forgive me! I was telling Sarah today that I've decided I'm not a huge fan of maternity photos.  Don't get me wrong.  I think that the way babies grow inside of the mother is amazing and there are few things more beautiful in life than a pregnant mother.  I've just rarely seen maternity portraits done amazingly well.  Typically, the mother is staring contemplatively at her belly while her husband awkwardly wraps his arms around her and forms a misshapen "V" on her belly with his hands.  It's just not that thrilling for me which is one reason why I've never done much of it.  I've been thinking, though, that maternity portraits could be a lot more fun.  They need spunk and liveliness in my opinion.  That's why, when I saw Sarah chomping on a huge pickle while we were out this afternoon, I made her pose for some portraits.  She was a great sport because she was certainly attracting several on-lookers in a nearby restaurant who were laughing at the spectacle of a pregnant woman posing while eating a pickle.  This is especially great, because I think this is the only time she's actually eaten a pickle her whole pregnancy - and I just happened to have my camera handy!  This is my kind of maternity portraits!