As I wrote about last week, I had such an amazing time working with the Charlottesville City Fire Department.  I am so excited to see the final product - baseball cards printed up to hand out to kids on field trips or at carnivals, fairs, etc.  I hope that it will be an amazing outreach opportunity for them because they are an amazing group of people.  Below is the complete set of portraits we shot over several days.  I'm putting this up mostly so that all of you who had your portrait taken can click on your picture, and download a larger copy for your personal use. I was told last week that whenever a firefighter is mentioned or noticed in some way (i.e. newspaper or the like), he/she has to buy ice cream or a drink or something for everyone.  Evidently, my last few posts created a bit of a stir in that regard.  Sorry about that!  I'm not quite sure how you all will handle this post since almost every one of you have your picture on here somewhere!  Good luck sorting it out.  Maybe you could all buy me some ice cream!  Thank you again for letting me spend some time with you all and more importantly, thank you for the amazing job you do at serving our city!

I also uploaded these images to our facebook page in case you'd like to tag yourself for a profile picture!  Enjoy!

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