I spent a few hours over at the Ridge Street Fire Station today shooting headshots and company shots of some of the Charlottesville Fire Department.  I'm heading back tomorrow to get the last CVille shift and then I'm off to the Albermarle Headquarters to get all of those guys and gals over there.  I've always admired fire fighters, but these people are top class.  They were all so friendly and helpful.  No one complained when they were asked to put on the gear even though it's a balmy 91 degrees here today.  They were also willing to move their trucks around when I asked them to take advantage of the good light since it was the middle of the day. I love taking jobs like these that are a break from the norm.  You could say that this job is a bit different than the bridal portraits Sarah and I did on Saturday!  I enjoy walking into an unknown situation like this where the pressure is on.  Location photography is so much fun - picking out the perfect spots to capture personality and environment, setting up lighting on the run, and sticking to a tight time frame all while keeping a smile on your face to keep people relaxed!  Here are a few images from this afternoon!