Last weekend, I had the opportunity to head to Boone, NC for a guys' weekend with some of my friends from college.  Well, "friends from college" is really an understatement.  Let me introduce them to you... hike-1In this photo you will see seven men (including me).  We all went to the same church in college.  Four of these guys were groomsmen in my wedding.  One of them has been my best friend for 30 years.  I roomed with three of them at some point in college.  I went to high school with two of them.  Three of them moved to Los Angeles around the same time that we did.  One of them lived 12 houses down from us when we lived in Charlotte.  One of them lives 12 houses down from us here in Charlottesville.  We've all done an incredible amount of stupid and crazy things together.  So, yeah, these are the guys.

When Patrick suggested a guys' weekend a few months ago, I couldn't wait.  It has been forever since we've all been together!  To sum it up, we had an amazing time.  When I walked through the door to the house we stayed at, it was as if I stepped back in time about 10, 10 years.  Those guys are getting old!  :)  This picture was taken after our hike down what used to be a trail that is now covered by a million fallen trees due to heavy ice and snow.  Maybe I'll post some more images from the trip, but maybe not.  I took a million shots last weekend, but this is the only one of all of us...and it was taken by my camera triggered by the timer and propped up by a crushed plastic water bottle!  We were tired and hungry and I didn't want to stand in the way of those guys and their upcoming BBQ lunch!

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